The mission of Afrikadey! Arts & Culture Society of Calgary as an independent non-profit organization is to encourage cross-cultural communication among communities, artists, youth and all others interested in various forms of Art from Africa and its Diaspora.

The goals of Afrikadey! are to:

  1. Promote social cohesion, cultural diversity and global awareness.
  2. Increase cognizance of the value of culturally diverse communities by integrating African arts into the Canadian cultural mosaic.
  3. Stimulate greater understanding of African heterogeneity and its many forms of expressive culture.

To fulfill this mission, we strive to stage artistic enlightening events, produce and present multidisciplinary arts performances reflecting the highest standards of excellence while making them accessible to the broadest possible audience through arts education.



Our vision is to be an organization that is recognized as a destination for rich creative art works, development of artistic talents and a leader in the integration of expressive African fine arts into the Canadian cultural mosaic.